Union Township Historical Society Photos

The Union Township Historical Society in Union County, New Jersey is an organization dedicated to the preservation of our history, The Caldwell Parsonage and the education of all of those interested.

The UTHS headquarters is located at the historic Caldwell Parsonage and museum, the site where Hannah Caldwell was shot and killed by British troops during the Battle of Connecticut Farms in 1780.

This website contains over 600 historical photos from our collection. The photos are viewable and downloadable. We encourage visitors to leave comments especially regarding new information and personal experiences.

Please click on the "Map This" button above for an interactive map with over 160 locations.
This site will be under construction for quite some time so forgive us if some things lack organization.
The main site can be found at http://www.uniontwphistoricalsociety.webs.com/

03/22/12 - added gallery "Union Center"
03/28/12- more Miller pics, more aerials, more Union Center, misc
04/13/12- Lots more including photos from the 1942 UHS Yearbook
05/06/12 New photos and information on the Headley Farm House and more.
12/27/12 Newly discovered photos of Self Master Colony inhabitants.
03/09/13- The site is just over one year old and has received over 170,000 photo-views.
Please see recently added photos below for updates.
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